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Models ➕ Diagrams – A Day in Data (Raconteur)

Over the course of my Phd I’ve collected the models and diagrams I’ve found most useful and interesting. I’m going to post one every few day to this site, starting with this infographic on ‘A Day in Data’ (source: Raconteur)

Responsible Innovation tweets roundup 06/05/21

RT @tcewrou: お散歩 #短波BCL かろうじて15320kHz ラジオルーマニア国際🇷🇴入感しています(^_^) 2040JST #RRI https://t.co/TDatX5LAcUhttps://bit.ly/3ekMaFY RT @rri_see: The #UAB’s Ideas Generation programme helps university researchers model ideas based on challenges proposed by society Resear… – https://bit.ly/3vLb2fL RT @ORBITRRI: Don’t forget to join us tomorrow 7th May at 12pm GMT for a talk from Dr. Miranda Mowbray discussing “Teaching ethicsContinue reading “Responsible Innovation tweets roundup 06/05/21”

I am an HR Project Manager, and mature part-time doctoral student on the Horizon programme at the University of Nottingham School of Computer Science. My professional expertise is in project management, engagement, workload planning, HR systems administration, talent analytics, strategy, and diversity management. Any comments in this blog reflect my personal views.

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